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Why (and how) do I sell for less?
"If you buy something right, you sell it right. You don't try to make an extra buck on it."

- My philosophy, and a quote from R H Reny, founder of the famous independent Maine department store chain RENY'S that competes just fine against the "W" behemoth.   That is why I sell for less, as I take advantage of any special promotions that Fuller Brush offers us distributors.

Fuller is my full-time and only income, and I've been successful for 25 years by treating others as I would like and not just being after every dollar.
Email or Call ME personally if you want my personal sale prices.  Thank you for your support.


JULY 2017 - Many products are Closeouts now or big price cuts, so get them while you can.

NOTE: Shipping cost of the handles varies by distance; shipped from Maine

For best prices... contact: Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923     Email
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038
Page updated October 16, 2017

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SEPT 11, 2016 from Roland Rhoades - Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products is changing all the rules Sept 30, drastically cutting what we are able to earn, and taking our wholesale customers and distributors away from us, so we are not sure what the future holds.  Since 1992 when I first joined, I have recruited, trained, motivated, and answered phone calls and emails from thousands of distributors.

They have decided that ALL distributors or wholesale customers, including the 1200 currently in my reports, are now theirs directly and will no longer pay referral commissions for doing all the work of finding them new distributors and providing training materials like my training website that I built.

In October they finally told us what to expect. With their financial problems, they are discontinuing many products.  They cut my commissions in half, plus now charge a 7-12% of retail fee to ship direct to our customers, in addition to the normal $9+.  And they added a $2 fee per large or heavy item (like gallons).  Distributors are dropping like flies with so many obstacles in the way of making any money. 

August 2017 - their stupid decisions really were stupid. They are now going out of business and liquidating all inventory by November. There are rumors that someone else is buying the company, but didn't want the current inventory. We can hope.


Dynamic Duo Wet/Dry Mop imported - price reduced
Fuller Heavy Steel Outdoor commercial dustpan import
imported SPIN MOPS - see bottom of page. YES, in stock.

The old Microfiber mops - found some from a retired dealer - ask


A63078 Fuller Brush Red Kitchen Broom.
Unique rectangular 9" red sweeping head allows for easy sweeping under cabinets and in corners.  Flagged 3" polystyrene bristles are soft but firm, to pick up the finest particles, like sugar, salt, dust and rinse clean for years of use. Firmer/denser than the former Stanley head. Easily washable.
The #808 adjustable 29"-52" steel handle screws securely into the sturdy polypropylene block head, with black/gray bristles, with handy hang-up hook.  Reg $29.99. 

MY Price: $24.99

#A3078 Replacement red broom-heads $18.99 retail.  Already have a threaded Fuller/Stanley handle? Just buy the head.  MY Price $17.99

Clip-On Dustpan - in black, red, or pink.
Now you’ll know where the dustpan is when you need it!

Easily snaps onto the steel handle of any Fuller/Stanley Broom for convenient storage. Plus, the dustpan can provide protection for the broom bristles during storage. Beveled edge hugs floor ensuring complete pick up of the finest debris like sugar, salt and dust. Durable, washable plastic construction will last a long time. Also has a handy hang-up hole if you want to store it when not attached to the broom.
Dustpan collection area: 10-1/2" wide x 5" deep.
Reg $6.49  My Price $5 while they last.

PINK Dustpan on clearance $3.

Inline image 1 <<<< BRAND NEW DUSTPAN Sept 2015
SOLID STEEL, 16" WIDE, Great for outdoors, limited production run.

Fuller Brush logo stamped into the metal. Imported. HEAVY duty is right, weighs 3 1/2 lbs, too heavy to mail very far from Maine at my special price.

#17055 Reg $24.99. Sale $14.
My Special price for Local customers - inquire.

#275 Fuller Brush Angle Broom 

Laboratory tested to last more than a million sweeps. Heat-sealed, chemical-resistant polypropylene bristles with split-tip ends, pick up fine particles and dust that other brooms miss in a 9" wide path. Bristles are 5.5" long on the angles side and 8" on the long side. Medium stiffness bristles are Great for sweeping sand and dust in the house, as well as sweeping dirt or snow from your walkway or car. (the former black broom had too-stiff bristles and this is the broom that people preferred.) High-quality riveted steel brace construction. 2-piece steel handle with handy hang-up hook, 50".  Company is temp sold out.
[ TIP: Hang up the broom when not in use to help prevent the bristles from curling or fraying.]

Reg $29.99.  SOLD OUT 

Add a Broomhead Wall Duster for $4.00 - see >>

#S98 Slip-on Broomhead Duster.  9"w x 14"h
<< Click for larger photo.

Made in Pennsylvania, NOT a Fuller product. Synthetic wool bottom, sewn onto pretty fabric of various designs. Insert any standard broom up to 9"w (like our Angle Broom) and tie on to easily dust all your walls, ceilings.       $4.00

More color options that may be in stock.  Click for larger photo.


This broom is the only product left which uses the old Stanley handle. The square plastic post on the broomhead pushes into the handle. If you have another Stanley mop or wall duster without a handle, this handle will work, IF you still have the connector piece if it used one.

<<< Click for larger photo.

Comparison photo of our two broom-heads, the Black Stanley Slenderbroom and the Red Fiesta Kitchen Broom (2 boxes above).  You can easily see how the red one has an extra 1/2" thickness of sweeping bristles, and that those bristles are "flagged" to also grab onto dust like a dustmop.  The black one has bristles that are 1/2" longer.  I sell mostly the red one, but now stock both if you have a preference.

<<< A63083 Stanley BLACK Slender-Broom (formerly Slim-Line)  Slender, trim and lightweight! Long-lasting polypropylene fibers won't wear down. Combination of stiff and soft 3.5" bristles works efficiently to sweep without scattering. 9" x 1" wide. Comes with 48" long, 2 piece imported steel handle with handy hang-up hole.  The broom-head has a square plastic post that you press into a hole in the bottom of the handle.  To remove or change heads, just tap on alternating sides until it pops off.   $29.99 retail.

SALE Price $24.99 

#A3083 Replacement head reg $18.99 
SALE $17.99

SAVE by using products that use the same threaded broom handle.

Call/email Roland to order.

SHIPPING. Small items fit in flat-rate boxes, handles don't.  Shipping of handles or long items depends on your location $7 to $15.

See this page also:  KITCHEN ITEMS CLOSEOUTS 

BRUSHES PAGE of light and/or discontinued products, USA & Canada.
CLOSEOUTS PAGE now has gift items
For best prices... call or  Email me
Roland Rhoades
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
I take checks and Paypal for my special offers that I ship myself.

10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038
MOPS, etc        Made by Fuller in Kansas, USA unless stated       

NOTE: All drymops/dusters are HAND-washable only. Don't throw them in a washing machine.


A. We have mops for washing, dusting, and combo that do both.
WASHING: #119806 Classic Cotton String wetmop; Roller Spongemop; closeout large commercial mopheads.
DUSTING: #A63145 Wooly Bully Dustmop.  Replacement heads for the discontinued #154/162 drymop.  Closeout large commercial drymops.
DUAL USE: #111808 Dynamic Duo Mop; Spin Mops.

#119806 Fuller Cotton String Wetmop
Reg $25.99 SALE beginning Sept 2017: $22.99 or #11902806 TWO mopheads with a handle, $38.98 value for $33.97

Shipping: cost from Maine.

Great news!  The old 806 steel handle system is back in September.

Mophead frame is 6" wide and cotton strands are 9" long.  New ones are now 11" long!

Nothing cleans floors better than our cotton mop! Professional quality COTTON WET MOP features 100% cotton yarn, tension twisted for superior strength and absorbency. Mop head absorbs four times its weight in water for faster cleaning.

My most frequent comment, from even commercial cleaners who clean people's homes, small businesses, and fire departments, is "This is just the right size and easy to swing around washing the floor; the great big ones break my back."


See some Floor Cleaners in my Closeouts page. Both current products and closeouts.

#119 Replacement Wetmop heads fit both style handles.  Reg $12.99

9/28 update: I finally received my Sept 10 order after many phone calls, but they cut all the extra mopheads off my order because I "ordered too many", and they ran out after 2 days when I went to order more on Sept 12.  I was in a state of disbelief until I actually received the reduced order.

That means I barely have enough mopheads to go with the handles. No extra mopheads.

Click for larger clearer photo.

#119806 handle assembly:


AMAZING PRODUCT STORY:  A woman called me asking if I had any Fuller dustmops in stock. I did, so she came to my house after work. When I asked how she got my name, she told me she went to the hardware store looking for a good dustmop. All she found was plastic junk, so she asked them "Don't you have any decent dustmops?" They replied "No, we don't, but the local Fuller Brush dealer does!" and gave her my name and phone number! She bought the Treated Dustmop, a Broom, and some eyeglass cleaner that I had on hand, and wants future catalogs. Now, why would a hardware store send a customer to me? Because I'm nice enough to give them my trash! That's right, I give them the packing peanuts that come in my Fuller Brush orders so they can re-use them as a UPS agency shipper.  It pays to Recycle!
Treated Dust Mop 
This is my personal favorite and the one I sell the most. Besides costing less, it is nice and bushy and grabs onto the dust until you shake it out. 100% USA Upland Cotton, about 3" long. Measures about 8"x13". Shaped to dust around chair legs too.   Hand Washable.
  Temporarily Discontinued.



z #162 Replacement Drymop head is made of top quality, long-wearing, 4-ply 100%  cotton yarn which effectively picks up and holds dust. Yellow section measures about 6"x10" and the package says the strands make it 12" x 16". Hand sewn for durability and quality.  Hand washable.

Mop itself is discontinued. #162 head is slightly larger than the old 154 mophead, but it will fit as a replacement for either handle system, as long as you already have the connector frame insert.
r use the mop head as a mitt for quick dusting jobs all around the houseReg $19.99          

8/22 - Ask for a special deal if you'd like 2 or 3 of these. See below, or make your own bundle.

#132808 Wooly Bully Fan Duster Reg $33.99
Special blend of wool and acrylic yarns and a looped design, makes cleaning of ceiling fan blades fast and easy. Unique cleaning tool slides on to fan blades and stays in place, instead of "chasing" the blades. Also works great for cleaning walls, doortops, woodwork and more. Use with Duster Spray for the ultimate dust "picker-upper". Comes with adjustable telescopic handle with handy hang-up hole that adjusts to any length from 29" to 52".    SALE $26.99.
12" x 5" Washable #132 Replacement head reg $21.99. Sale $18  Just buy the head if you have a #808 handle.

z #19405 Fuller Wooly Bully Hand Duster from the Fuller 1906 product line, wooden handle.  USA
A special blend of multi-color acrylic and wool yarns help to create a static like attraction to even the finest of dust particles. The unique design makes cleaning around chair legs, banisters, or other similar surfaces quick and easy. Also great for baseboards, walls, and other dust attracting surfaces. Brush area appr 8"x8", 22" long. 
Reg $21.99

MY Sale  $11.99  -  Save $10. 
Reduced - while they last.



BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND June 2014, now with 50% more yarn and our new #808 standard threaded handle adjusts from 29" to 52".  
 Attracts dust with quality blended yarns: luxurious wool yarn polishes floors to perfection; sturdy acrylic yarn attracts dust like magic; extra-long strands clean efficiently; flip-over head for double-duty dust pick-up. Appr 8" w x 10" l. Easily maneuvers around and underneath furniture, shakes clean.  Reg $39.99
NEW SALE  Save $11.: $28.99. 

Drymop complete ($28.99) + Fan Duster head that uses same handle ($18) both for $41.99 (save $16.)

#A3145 Replacement head reg $29.99, sale $19.99


#19406 Bench Brush from the USA Fuller 1906 product line, wooden handle.

Densely filled with a blend of natural horsehair and nylon to easily and effectively remove both fine dust and heavy debris.

Reg $21.99 

MY Sale  $13.99

SAVE $8.
while they last


#17061 Chemical Resistant Tub n Shower Scrub Brush & Tire Scrub Brush, 20" long. 5" x 5" scrub area.

Ideal multi-purpose scrub brush to remove oil and dirt from tires, wheels, rims, like the old brush that had a short handle. Stiff bristles for heavy duty scrubbing in your bathroom or your house siding. Bristles and handle/block moisture resistant to oil, grease, water. 
Limited Production run, company is now sold out, but I have some.

Reg $14.99
         SAVE $5. - MY Price $9.99

Reg $15.49
my price $13.

#204808 complete $25.99   $21.99

Reaches into corners easily and thoroughly. Durable 7" x 2-1/2" foam block will not chip, crack or rust. Resilient, chemical-resistant polyester bristles handle the toughest stains without scratching surface and bounceback to their original shape for long-lasting results.  Also great for scrubbing vinyl siding etc. Includes durable steel and plastic #808 Telescopic Handle, with hang-up hole for convenient storage, which adjusts from 29" to 52" to fit any height and allows scrubbing tub or shower without bending or stooping.
Currently being made with purple bristles.

Just buy the head if you have a #808 handle.

z #129 Cellulose Sponge Mop  9" wide.
2014:  SOLD OUT and the Company will NOT be making more. Switch to the Roller Mop, the sponge is even more durable. >>>


NOT from Fuller Brush/Stanley. I get many requests for the former Stanley Amazo sponge-strip wetmop. This is the closest I've found, with felt cellulose sponge strips about 9" long. Uses a standard screw-in handle if you have one.   USA. 

MY Price: #SR40 $8.99 for the head.

#S40 $15 complete
includes one-piece 4' lightweight rolled steel handle, plastic protective coating, shown here below.

<< Click for larger photo
 Remember this that Fuller had back in the 1990s?  New supplier, same quality. 9" wide.
Cellulose is the "dense" sponge, not flimsy foam rubber.  Very sturdy - Made to last. Rust-resistant steel, convenient wringer.
Complete with 50"  steel handle,  $29.99.  [3 lbs - shipped usps with handle apart for a 28" long box.] [Fuller's old #129 Spongemop was $34.99 in 2011.]

Save $3 - Complete with extra head $42.
SHIPPING cost from Maine varies $8+ - inquire.


#SR58 Replacement heads  $15.    
Weight is 7.5oz ea.  The steel bar squeezing the sponge is 15/16" wide
; if your mophandle fits that size, all you should need is replacement heads.
(Fuller was 13/16")

   Laurel G in NY who got 6 of these USA mopheads with the handle says, “Hi Roland - I received the mop this afternoon.  It's going to be great; the sponge mop heads fit, easily in fact.  I'll be in mopping business for a few years now. BTW, I had been looking around for a mop to replace my (obviously) beloved Fuller Brush mop to find there are just not any candidates which have received passable customer reviews.  Apparently some had been good, until a change was made, e.g. mfg moved to China.”  
   Good to know; thank you Laurel. These were kept USA. - R.

  Light-weight 46"-48" long solid single piece, (only 7 oz - won't wear you out) rolled steel with plastic protective coating.   Handles have handy hang-up hole. See Sponge-strip mop above.


Fiesta Floor Cleaner Concentrate ✪
# A3911
This no rinse, concentrated formula saves time and
money. Neutral pH solution won’t strip wax or shine. Fantastic for vinyl, linoleum, no-wax, laminate, sealed wood, ceramic, tile, marble and granite. 
Creates 24 gallons of floor c
Biodegradable, phosphate-free and safe for septic systems. 
24 fl.oz.  Reg $8.99

SALE $6.

#69631 Original Premium Floor Care  is a ready-to-use formula that cleans beautifully, leaving no unsightly residue. Safe to use on all no-wax vinyl, laminate, linoleum, tile, marble, slate and sealed wood floors. Clean, fresh fragrance. 20 fl.oz. Was $9.99  Closeout $6.99



  Dynamic Duo DryMop/ WetMop (#111808) 
<<<Click on photo to enlarge

Double Sided Flip Mop for Double Duty! One side to dry mop then flip it over to wet mop! Special tiny microfibers made of polyester and polyamide, lift dirt from the surface and trap it in the mop head like a magnet. The slender profile swivel head allows for easy access into hard-to-reach places such as underneath furniture, between washer and dryer, refrigerator and cabinet. Chenille strands side works great for dusting floors to remove dust, dirt, pet hair and more. Flip the mop over and you have a terry cloth side which is ideal for damp mopping.
Mop head detaches easily from frame for laundering. Machine or hand washable. Mop head: 14-1/2" long x 5-1/2" wide. Imported, but a very novel useful design.  Uses our standard #808 Telescoping 29"-52" handle.  Retail $29.99  $16.99 for the head.  
MY DISCOUNT PRICE:   $13 for the head/frame. 

$29.99 for the complete, plus an extra head for FREE from me)


<<< #7056 Fuller Industrial grade Spring-Lok Wetmop handle.
54" hardwood handle. Tempered steel jaws are adjustable for use with any size mop including these pictured here, and are corrosion resistant. 1995 price was $24.81 for just the handle. 
Handles are now sold out.

Click photos for a larger  picture of our mopheads. - Note 12" ruler.

3 different Fuller XL wetmop heads - white cotton (2 left),  green (sold), and blue (2 left) blends

  Now $4 each.


FULLER COMMERCIAL DRY MOPS 18" or 24" - closeout prices from my inventory

#7060 60" hardwood handle with swivel style quick-release connector. Retail $24.52
#29524  5" x 18" heavy duty solid steel frame. Retail $6.53
#28824  18" Premium Dustmop Head. 100% premium 4-ply white cotton yarn, blue cloth, tie-type construction to hold it onto frame.  Retail $18.05
TOTAL RETAIL for the 3 pieces, 18", is $49.10

MY CLOSEOUT PRICE - $29. COMPLETE, or head & frame for $17.

#7060   60" hardwood handle with swivel style quick-release connector. Retail $24.52
#29524  5" x 24" heavy duty solid steel frame. Retail $7.07
#28824  Miser 24" Dustmop Head. 100% premium 4-ply cotton yarn, tie-type construction to hold it onto frame. Not as bushy as the 18". Retail $12.60
TOTAL RETAIL for the 3 pieces, 24", is $44.19

Shipping may be expensive for beyond the Northeast from Maine.

#56024  SPIN MOP JUNIOR   Space Saver! 

Clean up dirt, dust, and other messes from hard surfaces such as marble, tile, laminate, vinyl and wood floors. Spinning basket easily fits into a sink, bathtub, shower, and more. As the mop head spins, this specially designed basket drains excess water back into your sink or bucket, allowing you to control the wetness of your mop head! Special centrifugal spiralizing handle for wringing out (like a kid's "top" if you remember those).
Convenient size and lightweight bucket for storage in small spaces.
Made in Taiwan - packaging has the Fuller Brush name and logo.  Mophead red frame is 6.5" in diameter and then the strands flare out from there. Lightweight mop that won't break your back.  Ship wt 4lbs. from Maine.

Regular $39.99
#56020 Replacement Mopheads
- Nano-technology microfiber material is ultra-absorbent and can be used dry to dust around the house as well.  Reg $11.99   separately my price $8.99

MY SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE  -  Sept 2017 price - $27. including an extra mophead.
$9 S&H

JR OR REGULAR? Both are basically the same with pros and cons. The larger one has a big bucket but you need a place to store it, and the JR is more convenient for storage.


#56019 FIESTA RED SPIN MOP  Reg $49.99  -  Photo of box above

SPECIAL PURCHASE OFFER includes extra mophead
$34.99 only from me,  + $9 shipping. Oversize box only ships from Maine to Ohio-Virginia area. Inquire.
Sept 2017 - YES, I DO have these in stock.

Uses same head as Spin Mop Jr.

Hands free mopping system allows you to use a clean mop head every time without touching dirty, soapy water! Mop head rotates as you work, quickly and effectively cleaning up dirt, dust and other messes from most hard surfaces. Its nano-technology microfiber material is ultra-absorbent and can be used dry to dust around the house as well. Includes spin mop bucket, one spin mop head and a three piece handle. Taiwan.   Ship wt 8lbs+ postage from Maine. 


This is a photo of the box.   Larger head than the Red version. 
Innovative compact and really solid Wash and Spin bucket. Uses a strong screw-together pump-action-for-spinning handle (like a kid's top if you remember those) that screws securely into the head, and for easy removal. Solid enough to stand on. Gray in color.

A unique design with a round bucket with a spinning basket. When the basket is at the bottom of the bucket, you can rinse the Mop ... then you simply move the spinning basket to the upper level of the bucket to spin dry the Mop Head. Imported.

#17040 Reg $79.99 
#17041 Spin Mop Pro Replacement Head reg $11.99 

#1704041 MY SPECIAL OFFER $40 for both the Mop and an extra head.
Contact me.
Ship wt from Maine 8lbs. $10 shipping as far as NY area.

Students going off to college.
Wedding presents
Mothers & Fathers Day gifts
Birthday presents
Holiday gifts

Roland Rhoades
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

ALSO AVAILABLE from Roland Rhoades:

BRUSHES PAGE of light and/or discontinued products, USA & Canada.
CLOSEOUTS PAGE now has gift items
Payments by personal check (USA), or Paypal on small orders.
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