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Fuller shut down Oct 31, 2017 until new owners take over in 2018 - I AM STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


MY charge for Postage from Maine on the light items to all US is only $4 postage, IF you call or email me to order.
$4 will cover more than one item up to 9oz unless they are heavy or long - inquire.

Other light items and bargains: Hairbrushes & Closeouts, & Brooms & Mops. These products have been discontinued, but I have them, while they last.  I have bought out much discontinued inventory that people have been looking for, from a couple local dealers. Listing it on these pages as I get time.

"I should have bought it... when I saw it... at Roland's"


Why (and how) do I sell for less?
"If you buy something right, you sell it right. You don't try to make an extra buck on it."      - My philosophy, and a quote from R H Reny, founder of the famous independent Maine department store chain RENY'S that competes just fine against the "W" behemoth.   That is why I sell for less, as I take advantage of any special promotions that Fuller Brush offers us distributors.

Fuller is my full-time and only income, and I've been successful for 25 years by treating others as I would like and not just being after every dollar.
Email or Call ME personally if you want my personal sale prices.  Thank you for your support.

LATEST NEW OR BRING-BACK PRODUCTS: Page updated March 03, 2018

FEB 2018: I am nearing the bottom of the barrel of products. Nearly every day I delete one or more products from my webpages.  But I am adding some that I found in the bottom of some boxes or were otherwise buried and uncovered as products sold, some from the 1990s on this page.

Please review my pages again for what you may need. Fuller no longer manufactures, so buy it while you can. Thank you.

For USA, Priority Mail Regional boxes will hold a bunch of products for $7-$8 through Zone 4 from Maine. I get the Commercial Shipper discount. More economical for larger orders. - inquire.
Call or email me for this offer.
ORDER FROM: Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

Pretty & Pink Dishwash Brush

#309 Fuller Brush Pretty & Pink Dish Brush

Durable, rinse-clean, resilient polyester bristles that are sturdy enough to handle even the toughest stuck-on food, but will not scratch the surface. Ergonomically designed handle is comfortable and easy to use. Doesn't show in the picture, but the other side of the bristles, the end of the handle, has a flat scraper that comes in handy. 11" long.  Jan 2017 - Fuller says "while they last".
Reg $9.49  
Made in USA   SALE - $8.

#318 Pink 9" Pot Scrubber Brush - 2 left  USA

was $9.49 - $6 or both for $10.

Stainless Steel Sponges#868  Stainless Steel Scrubber Sponges
Fuller pack of 3.  Reg $10.49.
My price $8.99 or 2/$16.   or A3785
Stanley 2-pk (exact same sponge) $6.99 or 3/$16.
Either way, it comes to 6 sponges for $16.

ALSO have one handle with prongs to hold the sponge, just picked up from a retired dealer. Was $6, My price $11 includes 3-pk of #868 scrubbers.

MY Inventory was Made in Kansas USA


NEW SEPT 2016, Limited Production Run.  USA

Perfect for long neck bottles, jars, vases, baby bottles, and drinking glasses. Durable polypropylene bristles tackle the tough jobs and bounce back for years of extended use. Natural wood handle. 13-1/2" overall length. Same as the former #321 Jar Brush with the blue plastic handle.

Reg $17.99    
MY Price: $9.99  or 2/$17.99


#19002 Premium Glasses & Dishwash Brush USA
Uniquely shaped to fit into tall glasses to clean those hard to reach surfaces. Durable polypropylene bristles tackle the tough jobs and bounce back for years of extended use. Natural wood handle. 11.25" long x 2.34" wide; bristle section is 6" long.

Reg $16.99  - 

MY Price $8. or 2/$14.

#395  Multi-Purpose Tube Brush
This foot long brush is great for cleaning percolators, sports cups with built-in straws, aquariums, test tubes, bud vases with slim necks, teapot spouts, antique bottles, funnels and more. Flexible brush goes around corners and curves easily and cleans thoroughly. 5/16" diameter x 3 1/4" durable nylon brush material.
#395  $9.99 retail.   My price $
These tube and bottle brushes were Made by Fuller in Kansas, USA
with the bristles on the tip too, to clean the very bottom.
#396  Super Size Tube Brush
New size is ideal for cleaning larger openings in percolators, sports cups with built-in straws, antique bottles, test tubes, aquariums, flower vase s with slim necks, teapot spouts, funnels and more. Handy hang-up hook. 14-1/2" overall length. 5/8" diameter x 5-1/2" long durable polyester brush material.
#396  $9.99 retail.   My price $
 call/email me.    Both now while they last.

<< Click on photo for a larger readable version.

Limited supply. Imported.

Catalog price $14.99 per set

Closeout - $10/set or $14 for all 5

HAND & NAIL BRUSH Limited production run natural wood poly-protected 1.5"x5".  Like the wood hairbrushes, Dry with the bristles pointing down.  USA

NOTE: #551 2-sided HAND & NAIL BRUSH for $12  is sold out.

Just got a few more Fuller PASTRY BRUSHES 60c

#19012 Fuller-1906 Premium Handy Brush
, similar to our famous smaller ones. Wood handle USA 10+" long, bristle section 5" long.     
Reg $15.99.      Price Cut - Now  $7.50 or 2/$13.

#A3077 Stanley Super Scrubby Brush. import.

One left






Fuller Shoe Brush (imperfect, no label) 2.25" x 5"  (includes a round Dauber/dusting brush)  - one left   $1.


Very useful Multi-Purpose brush contains resilient bristles that are durable enough to stand up to any stain on rugs, shoes, clothes, upholstery or carpeting, scrubbing potatoes/carrots, or even as a hand/nail brush. 7-1/4" long plastic handle with hang-up hole, won't warp, chip or crack and can be used as a scraper to get rid of stubborn grime. Firm blue bristles area is 1-1/4" x 3".   Reg $7.99.  

My Price $6.99 or 2/$12.

Click photo to right for larger picture. >>>>>
Were $6.29 with the handle and $4.29 for an extra head. I use the mini-duster all the time to dust my TV and computer screens, and my car dashboard.   import
CLOSEOUT  -  $5 will get you one complete with handle, plus an extra head.



<<Click for larger photo

Similar to the regular one, except with the new microfiber to collect dust and dirt. Originally $24.99, Frame USA, cover is imported, can use a long screw-in handle if needed.
I am clearing out for

A pretty pink clear acrylic handle; imported. Patented microfiber strands (white - only the handle is pink) pick up and hold onto dust, dirt, cobwebs until fluffed out.  25" overall, 13 3/4" of flexible microfiber dusting. Washable.
Was $14.99.   Click for larger photo.
MY Price $7.  2/$12.

#293 Shower Track & Grout Brush, reg $11.99. USA
My price  $8.99 or 2/$17.

Narrow long bristles cleans tight places like shower door tracks, combination windows, corners of the shower tile. Also great for cleaning meat slicers and any other tight areas.  5" bristle area, 10" long. Bristles are generally blue or purple.
While they last.

#69202 "Fuller Original" Garment & Upholstery Brush.  Very nice look, imported. Logo on back of wood block. 1.7" x 6.3".  One left. was $8.49  now $4.

Clothes & Upholstery Brush

#19014 Clothes & Upholstery Brush
Back by popular demand Oct 2013, t
he special curved shape of this brush easily hugs your shoulder to remove lint, dust and hair from clothing. Also works great for refreshing the look of your upholstery. 12 1/8" x 3 5/8" x 2 1/8".  Special blend of horsehair and nylon bristles helps remove dust, lint, and hair from fabrics. USA  Reg $16.99  
MY Price SAVE $5 -  $11.99

#334  Dishwash Brush  rubber bristles   Import. 12" long. Was $10.99  One left  $4.

#56044 Multi-Purpose Kitchen Brush. Clean dishes or use it to clean the drain or garbage disposal, even under the rim. Import. 10.5" long Was $10.99. One left. $4.


#126 Eyeglass Polishing Cloth - 7"x7" folds compactly in carrysleeve for purse or pocket. Safe for all types of lenses, highly absorbent. ONE left. made in Korea
- $5 also includes a #56 Eyeglass Cleaner.

#56 Fuller Eyeglass Cleaner - reg $5.99

While they last, buy one  get one free.

#S840 Bristle Shaving Brush & Holder
<< Click for larger photo
Fuller Brush had these decades ago and I get requests, and I found a new supplier for the same thing. Sterilized natural bristle.  Tortoiseshell color, Made by Kingsley in United Kingdom, Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Matching Holder can be used just setting on the counter, or stuck on the wall, or screwed onto wall.

$14. for the set - CLOSEOUT price

Sweeps with ease crumbs off your table/ tablecloth, or your living room couch/chairs, car seats etc.  This model has 2 sets of wheels and double roller for excellent pickup.

Imported current model Reg $16.99   
MY Price cut Jan 2018: $10. 

<< Click for larger photo. #S98 Slip-on Broomhead Duster.  9"w x 14"h

Made in Pennsylvania, NOT a Fuller product. Synthetic wool bottom, sewn onto pretty fabric, various designs. Insert broom and tie on to easily dust all your walls, ceilings.   now $4.
click for More colors

NOW IN 2 COLORS - White or Fuchsia (blue sold out)
Reg $6.49 - MY Price $2.   


Deodorant Moth Blocks in Floral or Clean Cotton scents are sold out.

Refrigerator Coil Brush cleans your refrigerator coils to help it run more efficiently so it doesn't overheat. Save BIG MONEY with a clean smooth running refrigerator, cleaning out the oily dust from the coils that a vacuum won't get. Some refrigerators have coils on the back and some are underneath, or both. UNPLUG your refrigerator before sticking the brush underneath it or you may hit and bend your cooling fan. Having a vacuum handy to suck the dust off the brush helps. If you stick your vacuum nozzle under your refrigerator, you’ll see why you need this brush; that oily dust clings to the coils and just a vacuum is not enough.     Closeout One Left - USA $8.

2/17/2018 update - #182 Suede and #183 Shine Bright are SOLD OUT.   TWO #184 Duster Cloths are left, and a bunch of the #181 Dual Cloths.

Were $12.99, NOW only $6 per 3-pack.

(I can refer you to a MI dealer who has some Suede cloths left.)


Click for larger photo.

 #59105  Package of 2 16"x16" microfiber cleaning/dusting cloths, dark red and dark blue.
lso a Duster for your blinds with 2 heads.
Reg $14.99.
I have seen the blinds duster in Publishers Clearinghouse for $11.99 with no cloths.     

Clearance:  $7 including the blinds duster, imported.  One left.


#164 MICROFIBER CLEANING MITTS, pkg of 2.  Large 11.25" x 7.75" size. Great for all cleaning jobs, wet or dry. Totally lint-free and non-abrasive. Washable. Imported. Were $16.99.
MY Closeout Price $7.   3 left


#158 Fuller Polishing & Cleaning Mitt  USA  - one left

6x9 size sealed bag from 1997

Closeout $4.


Steel with Fuller logo and USA into the steel from 25-30 years ago. 6" long.

Clamps tightly onto wooden handles to create a secure extra long handle.

2 left - both for $7.

CLOSEOUTS with gift items


Order directly from:
Roland Rhoades
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

Contact ME for the $4 shipping rate in the US for under 9oz, and to save postage to Canada.
I also ship to other places with a US zipcode. For USA, Priority Mail Regional boxes will hold a bunch of products for $7+ through Zone 4 from Maine (roughly PA-MD area). I get the Commercial Shipper discount. More economical for larger orders. - inquire.
I ship to all US & Canada.
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