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These products are no longer available from Fuller. Pick what you want and call/email me. Shipping ranges $4+ depending on size and your location, shipped from Maine.  Thank you.      MADE IN USA unless stated. Tax only in Maine.
Inventory ranges from a few to last one, so order now.  Clearing out fast.
"I should have bought it... when I saw it... at Roland's"

ORDER FROM: Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923  

Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038
Email: FBDWT@maine.rr.com

See other CLOSEOUTS included among products on these pages:


Help me clean my office!

Check out my Closeout Specials below for products I'm selling at cost or less, just to clear them out. 

  I have too much money and space tied up in inventory. Some products I'm down to my last one, others may be a dozen or so. I am selling many at below my cost just to move it and make more room in my office.   Postage will be the actual cost from Maine - inquire. I have a Post Office Commercial Shipper discount; Priority Mail flat rate or Regional rate makes for some real bargains for smaller products.   Email me for more info on any of the below products.

I have picked up many full car-loads of Fuller-Made in USA products from retiring dealers in 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  2/26/18 update with new additions and price drops; and more products are gone for good almost every day.
NEW addition: Fuller canvass carry bags and Vintage posters.


most at half-price or less to clear out my inventory:
See bottom of page

Note: Fuller's aerosols have no CFCs harmful to the ozone layer. Details here

The Essentials FOOT BUFFER is an affordable at home solution for an efficient and hygienic pedicure. The Foot Buffer gently smooths and removes rough, dry, and calloused skin safely and effectively. Out performs metal scrapers or pumice stones. Easy grip handle with on/off switch and travel lock. Two detachable callus remover rollers (1 course grain & 1 fine grain). Imported. Includes 2 AA batteries.
#A6565 Essentials Foot Buffer reg $49.99
#A6564 Set of 2 replacement heads reg $19.99
MY CLEARANCE OFFER while my inventory lasts - BOTH for $25.


8oz DC Static Free Cleaner for Electronics $4.99 (computer screens, copier glass plates, eyeglasses etc) AND   #131 D.C. LINT-FREE CLOTH for Electronics, pkg of 2 14"x14" cloths. Soft, different texture on each side, will not scratch sensitive surfaces like monitor screens, eyeglasses, copier plates, washable. Made in USA.  Reg $7.99.   Get both for $5. 

#A3472 Stanley Grimeguard Glass Cleaner 17oz can was $7.99 no ammonia. 2 left @ $5.

#17002 Microencapsulated Spearmint Gel Glass Cleaner 16oz  "1 spray = 4 sprays"  was $10.99. The spearmint smells delicious and makes it fun to clean the windows! Also great for mirrors, stainless steel,  chrome, plastic, vinyl, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces. Sale $6 or 2/$10.50.  4/$20.


 DISINFECTING & BATHROOM CLEANERS all USA and while they last.  Our cleaning products have No dangerous phenols.

#674 DISSOLVE 16oz. reg $9.99  now $8  2/22: sold out.
“If nothing else works, try Dissolve.”
Use #674 Dissolve to remove ‘impossible’ toilet stains and also on porcelain sinks and tubs for rust, hardwater deposits, lime, chlorine stains, etc. Not recommended for fiberglass unless you rinse quickly. Dissolve is a product we really can’t claim as environmentally friendly, but sometimes you just need a tough product for a tough job. After the built-up stains are gone, our regular products can generally handle the maintenance.
Roland R offers these comments: One of my first customers called in response to my local ad and asked for Dissolve. She was a loyal Fuller customer where she used to live, and was glad to find Fuller here. She said she cleaned people’s homes for a living, generally using their products, and nothing would clean the hard water and rust stains out of her clients’ toilets and sinks. She used the Dissolve and they asked her “WHAT did you use that finally got that toilet looking like new again?” She explained about Fuller products and that if they wanted a clean house, they needed good cleaning products and she could get Fuller Brush products for them. She soon joined as a distributor.
After that I did some Dissolve experiments in my house. I had a blue marble-like bathroom sink that seemed yellowed, but even my Amway cleaners before I joined Fuller Brush didn’t change the look, so I figured the sink was supposed to look like that. I squirted Dissolve on a Q-tip and wrote ‘Dissolve’ in my sink. You know how hard you can scrub with a Q-tip?? Well, I rubbed those letters on my sink and rinsed, and lo and behold, I had a bright blue ‘Dissolve’ in my sink. I invited my local distributors and some customers over to see it before I did the whole sink. I wish I had taken a photo now.

#610 ODOR AWAY 24oz reg $11.49  Closeout $7. with sprayer
Freshens and removes odors with a gentle spray on clothing, upholstery, bedding, around litter boxes, etc.  (see also Crystal Scent Air Freshener in next box)

#9012 Spray n San Ultra 32oz bottle EPA-registered Disinfectant with spray trigger, from Fuller's Commercial Division. was $11.99  - now $6.   One left.  an antibacterial all-house cleaner that cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, and kills staph, salmonella, and pseudomonas.  

#17004 Microencapsulated Bath Cleaner Gel no-drip 16oz Grapefruit scent "1 concentrate spray = 4 sprays". Microencapsulated beads contain concentrated cleaning agents. Biodegradable, no phosphates or chlorine. Ideal for tile, granite, marble, porcelain, and other surfaces in your bathroom (AND your kitchen). Not for painted or varnished surfaces. was $10.99  - now $5.

#A3900 Stanley Magnifico Lavender-scented All-Purpose Cleaner concentrate. 50oz creates 200 spray bottles. was $18.99.   2 left  $8.
(16oz Stanley spray bottle was $4.99; now $2.)

#619 Extra-Strength Toilet Bowl Cleaner 32oz. reg $11.99 MY Price 2/$19.  SHIPPING from Maine:  2 fit in a Regional A box for $7+     2/22: 3 left
 Great for stains and has a nice fresh mint scent.  We sell by the case (12) to churches and cleaning companies. On re ally bad toilets, squirt it on and it’ll leave clean streaks running down the sides! Michael M says: I work in a nursing home and most of my fellow employees have never heard of Fuller Brush. One lady heard from her grandmother about Extra Strength Bowl Cleaner, ordered and used it. At work the next day, she complained about how she had used everything WalMart, the local hardware store, and the farmers co-op had to offer, but to no avail. She applied the Bowl Cleaner but couldn't wait the full 10 minutes as it said on the directions. To her amazement the rust and build up disappeared. Now everyone there wants to see my catalogs. Orders are coming in.  Lorian R says: The Bowl Cleaner is the greatest! I've sold a lot here in my area of Florida!  We have SUPER mineral water, and it is the only thing I have found that will take the minerals off the toilet! PLUS it smells great!  What more can you ask for?!      

Note: Fuller's aerosols have no CFCs harmful to the ozone layer. Details here

# 724 Upholstery Cleaner  14 oz. reg $7.99   MY Price $6.
One-step cleaner for upholstery and carpet stains! Safely lifts stubborn stains from fabric and vinyl upholstery and all types of carpet. Rich foamy detergent base leaves no sticky residue. Use on couches, chairs, car seats, carpets and more. One of my favorite products. Just like Fulsol spray or Germicidal Cleaner are the go-to cleaners for hard non-porous surfaces, Upholstery Cleaner is my go-to for any soft porous surfaces.  I have had car mechanics put foot mats in my car and then sat on my velour seats with greasy clothes, I've had spill stains on my car seats. Just a spray leaves a foam pile to evaporate any stains. Let set a minute and wipe with a damp cloth. Just like new. Removes odors too.  Great with #306 Stain Brush.

#605 Fuller Pre-Laundry Stain Spray 18oz. Reg $11.99  MY Price $9.99
Lucille S in Maine is sold on the #605 Pre-Laundry Stain Spray. She washed some clothes with a vitamin gelcap in one of the pockets. She noticed it after the clothes had started through the dryer. She got reddish brown stains all over the clothes once the heat burst the gelcap. She sprayed the clothes with the stain spray and the stains came out completely. Having a Fuller Brush product that gets the job done right the first time saved her lots of money on clothes.

#A3386 Stanley Degreaser concentrate spray (same as #626 Fuller Fulsol Spray, Fulsol label is now sold out). All the power of our famous Fulsol® or Stanley Degreaser is now available in a convenient spray. A concentrated ready-to-use foaming spray cleaner lasts a long time and clings to vertical surfaces, leaves no residue and has a fresh lemon scent. This free rinsing blend of solvents and emulsifiers is designed to clean and degrease washable hard, non-porous surfaces.  Removes dirt, grease, and grime.  18 oz.  Reg $7.99  Sale $6.99
KITCHEN: Ideal for use on ovens, pots, coffee/tea pots, broiler pans, range hood exhaust fans/filters, floors, countertops, appliances, kitchen cabinets, tile, chrome... almost any hard surface.
LAUNDRY: For brighter cleaner wash, spray onto grease spots and heavily soiled areas, rub, then wash as usual.
HOUSEHOLD: For mini-blinds, painted walls, woodwork, BBQ grills, floors.
** Pre-test on painted/varnished surfaces to make sure it is not too strong.
Some of my customers are professional cleaners of homes and businesses.
"Fulsol Spray is absolutely the best cleaner I have ever used. Wood floors look beautiful and I have used it on all types of furniture and appliances. I did a shower stall that was some kind of black imitation material and it was stunning. On porcelain bathroom fixtures it makes them look brand new. My clients say it hurts their eyes when they first walk in the room it is so clean and bright. I am so grateful to you and the wonderful customer service.  - Pearl in VA"
                        PDF Fulsol flyer

   I am sold out of all FULSOL gallons and Stanley Degreaser quarts.

#A3471 Stanley Multi-Surface (formerly Try-It) Foaming Spray for non-greasy cleaning needs 18oz. was $7.99  - now $5. 

#A3850 Stanley IX Insecticide 11.5oz  reg $10.99   SOLD.

#91610 Fuller Commercial Crystal Scent Air Freshener/Odor Eliminator 15oz can - two left. Fresh long-lasting fragrance; eliminates the toughest odor problems from smoking, cooking, bathrooms. (see also Odor Away in box above) Was $9.99. Closeout $6.  2 left

AEROSOL SPRAY TRIGGER fits Fuller-Stanley aerosol cans to make extended spraying much easier. Snaps on as shown. Unburied in a box from 25-30 years ago, one left. - $2 with one of these products.

#736  Fullaire Apple wick-style Liquid Air Freshener 12.5oz  was $9.99   closeout one left $4.

Not Pictured:
#611 Ceramic & Glass Cooktop Cleaner 22oz. Dissolves grease and grime, just spray and wipe.  Was $9.49  One left. Closeout with sprayer $6.

#600  Vinyl Polish 8oz w sprayer was $4.99 - one left  $1.

 Fuller Aromatherapy
3.8oz - appr 700 concentrated air sprays - "Calming" or "Energizing"  were $6.99  closeout $2 each

5-Tier non-Slip Slack Rack Hangers were $14.49. 4 left
Now  2/$12. 

 Heavy/bulky to ship beyond the northeast US. (only $7 postage to New England area for 2 or 4 in the Regional B box; $9 to PA. )


•Wash up to 100 Loads!
•Light weight and ergonomic handle is easy to maneuver
•Hypoallergenic, no dyes or fragrances
For High Efficiency and Standard washers
•Advanced enzymes for superior stain removal
•Performs in all water types and temperatures
•Safe to use on all fabrics
•Phosphate free & Biodegradable              INVENTORY SALE: BOTH for $24.
                                                          or --- 2 Fabric Softeners for $18.

#A3806 Laundry Detergent reg $29.99  -  1 set left in my inventory
#A3342 Fabric Softener reg $24.99     
($7 S&H no tax - Maine to NY area)

ESSENTIAL OILS - Invigorating fragrances infused with essential oils to cultivate the freshest experience while cleaning and moisturizing the skin. 16oz reg $11.99. 
Hand Lotions Still in stock: #19510 Grapefruit, and #19513 Sage 

#A6805 Essentials Body Lotion   moisturizes the entire body with a rich blend of vitamin A, D & E. This vitamin rich formula will leave a non-greasy, long lasting hydration helping to replenish lost moisture and maintain the skin’s natural oil balance. Infused with green tea and lemongrass extracts. 8 oz.  $9.99

MY Sale Price $5. 

#A6802  Essentials Miracle Moisturizer 2oz.  $18.99
A rare blend of nature's unique gifts to reduce the signs of aging. This essential moisturizing treatment has been created with Vitamin A Palmitate and other natural ingredients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine dry lines. Fragrance Free. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine, dry lines: encourages firmness, elasticity, smoothness.
MY Sale price $9. while they last
Also a 2oz Jar #33691  closeout $4.
limit 2
#A6840 ESSENTIALS HAND MOISTURIZER Moisturizes with a rich blend of softening conditioners, Vitamin E, and Aloe. Smoothes, softens, protects and helps heal rough, chapped hands. Hypoallergenic, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Natural fragrance. 3 oz.  $6.99 
MY Sale Price $3. while they last

#A6807 Stanley Essentials Feet TreatMint Foot Lotion is great for invigorating circulation in tired feet; I’ve sold cases (24) to home health care professionals. 
Feet often feel hot, tired, and achy? A gentle massage with this cooling lotion relieves these discomforts. Enriched with natural collagen and invigorating oils of camphor, menthol, wintergreen and peppermint, this formula provides deep moisturizing therapy that is soothing. 8 fl.oz.  
$8.99       MY Sale Price $7.25  3 left


Complete Set of 4 - Reg $270 - Now $69. limit 1

Informational PDF

#A6809 Essentials Rx Gentle Cleansing Gel 4oz reg $48.

#A6810 Essentials Rx Daily Renewal Moisturizer 1oz reg $70.

#A6811 Essentials Rx Eye Therapy .5oz reg $76.

#A6812 Essentials Rx Neck Therapy 1oz reg $76. 

Steve in Ohio says “I sold Dad Fuller's Ultimate Skin Balm to a co-worker 2 weeks ago. He liked it so well, he told other co-workers. They in turn asked me to get them some.  Well...... I sure did. In a 2 week span I collected orders for 74 jars!” He says people are delighted with it and using it for their hands, faces, and for problem dry skin and cracked feet. Pat J also tried this product and says that even though it felt like putting petroleum jelly on at first, it all dried into her skin and is Wonderful. Although we are not allowed to make medical claims, another distributor says it was the only thing he could find to relieve hemorrhoids that actually worked. The label says: Provides "ultimate relief" for dry, cracked, chapped, weather beaten skin! Enhanced with Ginger Root extract known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and Echinacea known for its natural healing properties for burns, wounds, scratches, bites and stings. Use everyday ... even on sensitive skin. Clean light fresh fragrance.   #33 4oz tube. $11.49 
Sold Out
BUT... I Do have ...
2oz Trial Jar  - $2 While they last
10 oz can-bottle with Dispenser ($13.99) and a 10 oz refill ($11.99) 
Cleans, Protects Against Drying & Replenishes Oils!
Contains the finest natural oils for leather care. Restores new appearance and natural feel. Makes scratches and abrasions less visible. Penetrates, softens, and lubricates leather. Use regularly on furniture, auto upholstery, sports equipment, purses, luggage, jackets and more.    - if you already have the sprayer top, only the refill is in stock - $5 closeout -  one left.

The similar Wood Cleaner is sold out.

#55028 Fuller Smart Grater  see VIDEO
• Natural ergo
nomic design with multi-functional blades
• V-shape slicer, wave slicer, shredder and julienne
• Blades conveniently fit into grater compartment
• Food safety holder protects hands and firmly holds onto food
• Non-skid base
• Grater compartment has grooves for secure use over bowl
Reg $34.99   MY Special purchase Price - only $16 limited time.  At this price, you can give "a grater gift" than you thought! - ONLY 1 LEFT.

#55007 ROUND 12x10x4   reg $14.99 
#55008 Rectangular 15x10x4.75 with extendable arms to fit over the sink up to 24". A terrific idea! I love mine.  Reg $24.99  MY PRICE $12.  only 2 left

#55024 Salad All in One VIDEO
The all in one salad spinner features 5 interchangeable blades including a wave slicer, grater, slicer, julienne and 2-way fine julienne, plus a spinner basket that doubles as a colander for rinsing greens. The soft grip knob spins away excess moisture. One-touch brake button easily stops the spinning. Nonskid base holds the bowl in place. The clear bowl doubles as a serving bowl. Dishwasher safe.  Reg $49.99   MY Special purchase Price only $25 limited time.

NON-STICK CARBON-STEEL BAKEWARE, with Silicone handles    Reg $79.96




This is the one I've used on my sweaters and shirts for a few years now. Works great. Compact but powerful size 3"x3"x1.5".

Only ONE left  $4.

90th Anniversary Candy Dishes
from 1996. Great Collectible. were $5.99; $3 clearance.


Very pretty heavy glass.  More than "etched" as the catalog said; the angels are 3D and frosted.

Closeout $5.

CLICK on photo for larger readable copy.

#914 Super Grip Handle was $15.99  import
I've used this in my shower for years and I could still rip the shower walls down with it if I wanted to. Used by home-health care too. Need clean shiny surface for perfect suction.
MY Price $7. or 2/$13.


Fuller Brush large canvass Bags - Closeout $4.

Pink Bag also says Stanley Home Products on the other side.

Large bag comes in Forest Green, Navy Blue, and Burgundy, as available.

Note 12" ruler for size.

bove Vintage posters on cardstock 19"x23" for sale $10 in a tube + $4 postage.

$1 items:
#600  Vinyl Polish 8oz was $4.99 - one left 
Fuller Shoe Brush (second, no label) 2.25" x 5"  (includes a round Dauber/dusting brush)  - one left

ORDER FROM: Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923
(or 800-775-1113 if you don't have free long distance)

Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038    FBDWT@maine.rr.com

Porcelain Collector Plates stored in my attic for 30+ years are also available - list here.

most at half-price or less to clear out my inventory:
Plus actual postage from Maine $7+, dependent on size, weight, and distance. I ship by Priority Mail flat-rate and regional-rate where possible. Inventory ranges from a few to last one, so order now. 

"I should have bought it... when I saw it... at Roland's"


#886 EZ Shred Multi-blade Scissors. Also great to cut/chop/mince herbs.
 Reg $13.49 

Closeout $5.


#872 Security Door Alarm  reg $9.99  Closeout $4. one left

#883 High Contrast Amber Magnifier reg $9.99  Closeout $4.  As a Genealogist, I have used this to make faint microfilm darker creating more contrast to make records readable.

#887 Ultra Smooth Natural Hair Remover & Exfoliator System reg $9.99  Closeout $4.  I had to try it to believe it. My wife and I both like this. I used it on my face and the back of my neck. Not sure how it works but it does.

#870 LIQUID POWERED CLOCK - NO Batteries Ever! Really cool. reg $14.99  Closeout $6.

#845 LED Dynamo Squeeze Light reg $12.49  Closeout $3.

#920 World Clock/ Timer/ Calculator  reg $15.49  Closeout $5.

#914X Embassy Genuine Leather Personal Travel Bag - was $14.49  Closeout $5.  one left

#895 Brookwood Swivel Quartz Desk Clock  was $8.99  Closeout $3.
#908 Spinning Cosmetics Organizer  was $19.49  SOLD
#973 Slitzer Poultry Shears  was $12.99 SOLD

Students going off to college.
Wedding presents
Mothers & Fathers Day gifts
Birthday presents
Holiday gifts

Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923 or FBDWT@maine.rr.com is best
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

ALSO AVAILABLE from Roland Rhoades:

BRUSHES PAGE of light and/or discontinued products


Payments by personal check (USA), or Paypal on small orders.
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