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FULSOL deserves its own Product Testimonials Page. It is Fuller Brush's top selling product.    2-page sheet of USES    
(pronounced the same as "Fuller", Full'-Sol)

Fuller shut down Oct 31, 2017 until new owners take over in 2018 - I have my own inventory.


MSDS Sheet for Commercial

#630 FULSOL gallon is discontinued.

REPLACED BY NEW #628 Fulsol Degreaser double-concentrate qt reg $14.99  My price $13 or 2/$25.

Fuller Brush's FULSOL... an all purpose Cleaner and Degreaser concentrate, is a genuine kitchen gem and moneysaver. It is one of the most versatile products in the entire line. It makes water 'wetter'. Unlike some cleaners you buy in stores, Fulsol is BIODEGRADABLE, NON-TOXIC, Non-Caustic, No fumes, No abrasives, No Phosphates, No Chlorine, HARMLESS to hands, most materials, and all surfaces, and still costs less per use. An environmentally preferred formula with a very pleasant lemon scent and is safe for septic systems when used as directed. Fulsol is an excellent example of "The Fuller Difference". Cleans everything from walls to greasy engines, and makes spray cleaner for about 25˘ per bottle.

See many testimonials below.

#626  Fulsol® Spray - Also sold as Stanley Degreaser Concentrate Foaming Spray while they last.

Also available is a not as strong #A3472 Multi-Surface Cleaner Foaming Spray - $5. where grease is not a problem - while they last.



All the power of our famous Fulsol® Degreaser is now available in a convenient spray. A concentrated ready-to-use foaming spray cleaner lasts a long time and clings to vertical surfaces, leaves no residue and has a fresh lemon scent. This free rinsing blend of solvents and emulsifiers is designed to clean and degrease washable hard, non-porous surfaces.  Removes dirt, grease, and grime.  18 oz.  Reg $7.99  Sale $6.99 ea   

KITCHEN: Ideal for use on ovens, pots, coffee/tea pots, broiler pans, range hood exhaust fans/filters, floors, countertops, appliances, kitchen cabinets, tile, chrome... almost any hard surface.

LAUNDRY: For brighter cleaner wash, spray onto grease spots and heavily soiled areas, rub, then wash as usual.

HOUSEHOLD: For mini-blinds, painted walls, woodwork, BBQ grills, floors.
** Pre-test on painted/varnished surfaces to make sure it is not too strong.

Some of my customers are professional cleaners of homes and businesses.
"Fulsol Spray is absolutely the best cleaner I have ever used. Wood floors look beautiful and I have used it on all types of furniture and appliances. I did a shower stall that was some kind of black imitation material and it was stunning. On porcelain bathroom fixtures it makes them look brand new. My clients say it hurts their eyes when they first walk in the room it is so clean and bright. I am so grateful to you and the wonderful customer service. Have a great holiday. - Pearl in VA"

#868 Stainless Steel Sponges PDF USA 3-pack $10.4- my price $8.99 ea, or 2/$16.
or 3 Stanley 2-pks
(reg $6.99) for $16.  Either way it comes to 6 Sponges for $16.

Have ONE Sponge handle left $3.

Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923
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USA & Canada.
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Here are some reasons why EVERY home in America should have some:
  • OVEN CLEANER: Apply full strength with a dampened cloth for broiler pans, oven racks, and surface burners. Terrific for cleaning BBQ grills too. Allow to stand for a few minutes. Removes baked-on grease with a Fuller Stainless Steel Sponge. Great for oven tops under burner rings too. Rinse with water. Spray the top of the stove with Degreaser when you’ve finished cooking and are ready to sit down to enjoy the meal. This makes for quick and easy clean up after mealtime. "I even used Fulsol spray on the gas stove top instead of Easy off- cleaned just as good without the toxic fumes." - Todd Cassidy, MO.  "I used Fulsol Aerosol on my stove fan, let it set for a few minutes, then wiped it down with a moist towel. It was amazing." - Kat W.
  • KITCHEN & BBQ UTENSILS/DISHES: Use Degreaser full strength to clean baked-on grease from pots. Scrub with a sponge or Stainless Steel Sponge, rinse and wipe dry. Excellent on greasy pots and pans, baking dishes with shortening, etc. Add a tablespoon to your dishwasher to cut grease and make your dishes sparkle. Presoak dishes using 1 capful of Degreaser in your dishwater. Soak dishes for several minutes, then wash as usual. To clean baked-on food from dishes, add a few drops and some hot water. Allow dish to soak for 5-10 minutes before cleaning. Soak barbecue utensils in solution of 1 tbsp. Degreaser per gallon of hot water. Allow utensils to soak for 5 minutes, drain solution, and wash.
  • COUNTERTOPS & SINKS: Spray Fulsol on dried-on food on countertops and allow to set for 10 minutes. Then gently use a scrub brush or sponge to wipe off counter. Clean stainless steel sinks using Fulsol and Stainless Steel Sponges.
  • Garbage Disposals/ Drains: Clean by adding 1 tsp. of Fulsol to 1 quart of warm water. Pour solution into disposal and allow it to sit overnight. Regular use of Fulsol in your dishwasher and in your sinks helps prevent grease build-up in drains. To keep drains running smoothly, pour ˝ tsp. Degreaser down the drain and allow to sit overnight.
  • EXHAUST FANS: To maintain your stove’s exhaust fan, periodically remove grease and lint accumulation from the hood. Soak the mesh wire filter in solution of 1 tbsp. Fulsol and hot water for 5 minutes. Rinse and dry.
  • REFRIGERATORS: Spray down outside of refrigerator, or other appliances, with Fulsol and wipe immediately with a sponge. Dilute 1 oz. in warm water to clean interior of refrigerator.
  • COFFEEPOTS: Use a capful or less, often, to remove brown stains caused by coffee oil. Boiling is not necessary. Just add hot water and soak for a few minutes, swab out, and rinse. The Tube Brush is great for cleaning those narrow areas.
  • ALL-PURPOSE SPRAY CLEANER: Use 3 capfuls in a 22 oz spray bottle of water (Cost appr. 15˘!) For extra cleaning power, pour 1 capful into your spray bottle of glass/window cleaner.
  • WASHING WALLS & FLOORS & WOODWORK: Use a very small amount in a bucket of water (about an ounce per gallon). If your floors are sudsy, you used too much. Use with a cloth to remove kitchen grease from walls, ceiling, and cabinets. Use for washing cigarette smoke, dust, etc from other walls and woodwork during regular housecleaning. Clean vinyl wallpaper with 1 tbsp. Fulsol mixed with 1 gal. of warm water. Clean with sponge and wipe down to prevent streaking. To clean baseboards, add 2 tsp. to 1 gal. warm water.
  • GREASY HANDS: Use full or half strength to remove auto grease/oil. Rinse.
  • GREASY TOOLS: Soak greasy tools in 50/50 solution of Fulsol and water. Allow tools to soak for 10 minutes, scrub, rinse, and dry.
  • GARAGE FLOORS/ DRIVEWAYS: Apply full strength for oily concrete floors or driveway oil spills or dilute to whatever does the job. Allow to stand for a few minutes, scrub with a broom or scrub brush and flush with a garden hose. Clean garage floors with 2 oz. Fulsol Degreaser per gallon of water. Using a scrub brush, clean from back to front of garage. Rinse with garden hose and allow to dry. You can also powerwash concrete and blacktop driveways with Fulsol. Scrub down outside steps and sidewalks with a solution of 1 oz. Degreaser in a gallon of water. Scrub, rinse, and allow to dry.
  • PATIOS: Scrub down patios and decks with 2 oz. Fulsol per gallon of water.
  • ENGINES AND MOTORS: Apply diluted FULSOL on warm engine with an old paintbrush. Hose off with force after 5 minutes. Wipe off excess dirt with cloth. Allow to dry. Clean outside of lawnmower with Degreaser too. And clean bicycle chains.
  • WASHING CARS AND BOATS: Clean vehicles or whitewalls with 1oz. Fulsol diluted in 1 gal. water. Wash entire car or boat, rinse and dry. Fulsol will cut most greasy dirt that can accumulate on a car. On whitewalls, wet wheel, apply Fulsol, rinse. "The road tar on the car just disappeared," said one customer. Clean truck beds with 2 oz. Fulsol in warm water. Fulsol or Fulsol aerosol will remove bumper sticker residue, bugs, and tar, replacing our former Bug & Tar Remover. On Car Bumpers, apply small amount of FULSOL, allow to stand a few minutes, then remove dirt with Stainless Steel Sponge. Fulsol also cleans the vinyl interior of your car.
  • CAR WINDSHIELDS: A small amount, diluted, removes all traces of road oil. Put some in a small bottle to keep in the car. Also put a small squirt in your windshield washer fluid.
  • LAUNDRY: For GREASY CLOTHES, use a couple capfuls in washing machine without adding detergent. Great for cooking oil stains for restaurant workers. For REGULAR WASH, use appr ˝ oz of FULSOL per load and half your normal amount of detergent and you will be delighted. Your clothing will be brighter and cleaner without detergent stiffness and you will save money on your cost per washload. Plus you will need no additional laundry additives. Apply full strength to stains, ring around the collar, or perspiration stains before washing. For GRASS STAINS, use full strength or diluted as necessary, then wash as usual.
  • LAUNDRY CLOTHES DRYER: Spray your lint trap with Fulsol aerosol to cut the build-up that stops your screen from breathing and use a scrub brush. See my Dryer Safety page.
  • CLEAN SHOWERS & STALLS: Use full strength or diluted 1oz per gallon of water, with a Stainless Steel Sponge or cloth, as necessary, and rinse. Clean PLASTIC SHOWER CURTAINS by making a mild solution in the tub, dip curtain, sponge as necessary, then rinse. Likewise plastic table cloths. Clean ceramic tile with solution of 1 tbsp. Fulsol mixed with 1 gallon of warm water.
  • PAINTBRUSHES: After regular cleaning, work in strong solution of FULSOL, rinse, shake dry. Brush will be soft and pliable as new.
  • GARBAGE CANS: Pour 1 capful in garbage can and add 1 gal. of warm water. Allow to set for 10 minutes. Scrub can and rinse clean.
  • SWIMMING POOLS: When opening and closing your pool for the swim season, spray down sides, liners, and steps with Fulsol for easy cleaning.
  • CARPETS: Spot clean carpet stains. Spray soiled area and use scrub brush for cleaning.
  • LIPSTICK: Remove make-up and lipstick from clothing by using full strength on stain. Launder as usual.
  • SCREENS: Clean screens on window and doors with 1 oz. Fulsol per gallon of warm water. Scrub down screens, rinse, and allow to dry.
  • YOUR WHOLE HOUSE: Spray down house gutters, vinyl siding, and your whole house/camper/trailer with Fulsol, with or without a pressure washer. Scrub, rinse, and air dry.
  • OUTDOOR FURNITURE: Clean outdoor furniture made of resin or vinyl with 1 oz. Fulsol Degreaser per gallon of warm water. Scrub, rinse, and dry.
  • TOYS: Clean children’s plastic and vinyl toys with 1 oz. Fulsol per gallon of warm water. Rinse well and allow to air dry.
  • Vinyl tents can be cleaned with 2 oz. of Fulsol per gallon of water. Scrub down tent, rinse well, and air dry.
  • Soak brushes and combs in 1 tsp. Fulsol mixed in 1 quart of warm water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes before cleaning.
  • Fulsol Degreaser used full strength will remove tar from clothing, vinyl, and carpeted floors.
  • ALSO good for washing tile, sealed wood, fiberglass, sealed rock fireplaces, milk spots on concrete, and other non-porous surfaces. Do NOT use on leather.
From Mark Haynes in NV: "Thanks Mr. Haynes! We're very pleased we found your site. Fulsol found it's way into our home several years ago, but only found a deep, dark closet. The person that sold it to us said they used it on everything, but found it best worked on oil stains on concrete drives. We sold that house before we ever tried it. A few months ago, I found it hiding with the paint in our new digs when I was looking for a car wash soap. Well, I mixed about 2 oz. in a gallon of water and a drop or two of dish washing liquid and went to task on our white car. Surprised?!? I couldn't figure out why the road tar on the car just disappeared without much effort. Usually this requires an hour of rubbing with a compound. Next I cleaned the engine compartment with a 25% solution. The winter dirt and grease just fell off. All I did was spray it with a hose. My wife now uses it to clean everything in the house and has many testimonies of her own. I won't rattle on about our discovery, but you have customers for your products for life. We are looking forward to the catalog and our first order. Your web site is now marked in our "favorites" group. Again, Thank you!" - Jeff & Jodi Collins

Cindy H says "my favorite product is Fulsol - because my hubby is a mechanic at the local Morton Salt plant and I used to have to wash his work clothes at least 3 times to get most of the grease & oil out of them, as well as the odors. Having 2 young people who work in restaurants while going to school also makes me appreciate it - their work clothes don't smell like old cooking oil anymore! Now, if I could just get their manager to actually use it on their cloth napkins!"

Dennis Montey says "Our church was recently offered salvage rights to furnishings from a nearby congregation whose building was destroyed by fire. We acquired several children's size stackable plastic and metal chairs. They were covered with a thick black coating from the soot and smelled strongly of the smoke, though not melted from the heat. I took them outside, sprayed them with Fulsol aerosol Spray then hosed them down after a short time. Almost all of the residue was removed without scrubbing. I sprayed them a second time and scrubbed with a kitchen sponge to touch up the areas still slightly darkened. The chairs now look good as new and the smell of smoke is almost entirely gone."

"I just had to add some praise here for Fulsol Spray too. I was so pleased today when I tried Fulsol on my coffee pot. WOW, in just seconds, the coffee grime came right off and I haven't seen the coffee pot look this great since the day I took it out of it's box! Awesome!" - Karlyn

Fulsol Degreaser concentrate spray also makes the BEST Range Hood & Filter Cleaner you can find, dissolving that grease build-up so you can just wipe it off, or rinse it off the filter screen.

Debbie N says "I keep a stainless steel tea kettle on the stove at all times and it tends to get greasy from cooking. I sprayed and cleaned the pot to a sparkling shine with just a wipe, no scrubbing! I then went on to the back of the stove around the knobs, and the stovetop. Wow, does it ever make cleanup easy!! I lifted the burner rings and it got all those hidden spillover burn marks off too. Great for people with little cleaning time! So convenient."

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