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HANDCRAFTED AT OUR KANSAS FACTORY BY PEOPLE WHO CARE.  All the best materials and all the finest workmanship only mean something if the brush you select works. Hairbrush design requires technical knowledge, experience, and understanding of function. These beautiful Fuller hairbrushes are designed to complement your type of hair with the brush design that will work best for you.    

Seasoned Hardwoods. Fuller begins with the very best materials available. Brush handles are made from seasoned hardwoods selected for their durable qualities, currently Beechwood for the past 15 years or so. Through the manufacturing process, each product is carefully inspected every step of the way. Like an extraordinary piece of hand-made furniture, our wood is carefully selected for its beautiful grain and individual strength. Each brush is hand-sanded and lacquered to create a smooth finish and rich luster. Bristles are stapled to stay. The Fuller brush you buy is a brush that will last a lifetime.

    MY Inventory of the brushes are made in Kansas. As of April 2017, all manufacture at the Kansas factory has stopped.   July 2017 all brushes are discontinued. My inventory is while they last.

Natural Boar Bristles. Each brush is made with the finest natural boar bristles, which have tiny scales to actually clean your hair as you brush, removing dirt, excess oils, and scalp flakes. They distribute natural hair oils for an all over silky luster and help reduce split ends. Bristle ends lift hair to add body without pulling or stretching. They can last a lifetime with proper care.  Since 1906, the Fuller brush has been made with only the very best boar bristles. Natural boar bristles are the best, and Fuller set the standard. Pure textured boar bristles naturally beautify by redistributing natural hair oils and proteins throughout your hair for a healthy shine, adding health and vitality to your hair every time you brush. White and black boar bristles are used separately or combined to create just the right softness or stiffness for your hair type. The number of bristle tufts, how closely tufts are placed together, the entire shape of the brush and handle all play an important role in making a hairbrush design that works for you.

Respect for the Earth’s Creatures! No boars are harmed in the process. In fact we never touch them. Boars naturally shed their bristles and the mature bristles are then collected off the ground.

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Mar 2017 see bottom of page
Letter to Roland Rhoades: "Dear Sir. I hope you have a minute to read this. In January I will be 91 and I have been using Fuller brushes since I was 14 years old. The brush I use now is so old I don't remember when I got it, but I am sure it is 60 years old. I have worn out two of the half round style ones - still have one - it's worn out of course. My hair was very long and thick and now is quite thin and white. Just thought you folks would like to know how old your wonderful brushes can get with just ordinary care. Anyone who owns Fuller brushes will say it is a favorite and choice of brushes. Sincerely yours, Gladys G" (Oregon)
Here's a testimonial from an AVON dealer: Kathy Esser in NC says she has been an Avon dealer for 37 years, and they sell hairbrushes themselves. She says they are pretty good too, UNLESS you have tried a Fuller Brush hairbrush. She is 65 and has had a Fuller hairbrush since she was age 17. She bought a new Half-Round Lustrebrush with the boar bristles, and said I could use her name.
My Dad who is 86 years of age and asked me to email you and tell you that he's had one of your brushes for 70 years and it's just starting to fall apart now. It was given to him by a friend when he was 16. Of course he wants another. I hope I can find one for him for Christmas.
Thanks for your great brushes!
D. Collinge, Kamloops, British Columbia

These Beechwood boar-bristle hairbrushes are regularly $39.99
MY charge for Postage on these light items to all US is only $4 under 9oz.


#511 Hairbrush - Beechwood 1/2 Round. Ideal for Styling. 8" long. Reg $39.99 
My Price $30. 

Twist-of-the-wrist styling for full bodied medium-length hair! Styling made easy by semicircular tufting. This classic boar bristle brush design lifts and curls for a fuller, bouncier look. 7 rows of bristles.

Heritage Hair Care! Only from Fuller Brush come heirloom-quality hairbrushes with natural beauty and superior performance delivered by these elegantly traditional styles. The Beechwood used in this hairbrush was selected for its beauty and durability. The natural boar bristles distribute your natural hair oils for an all-over silky luster and to protect hair ends and cut static electricity.

#515 Hairbrush - Beechwood Professional
Works great for straight, short, or fine hair.  8" long. Reg $39.99
currently SOLD, looking for more

Get the straight and narrow! 6 rows of natural boar bristles and a slightly longer handle quickly glide this brush through long strands of hair. Great for men or women.

Heritage Hair Care!
Only from Fuller Brush come heirloom-quality hairbrushes with natural beauty and superior performance delivered by these elegantly traditional styles. The Beechwood used in this hairbrush was selected for its beauty and durability. The natural boar bristles distribute your natural hair oils for an all-over silky luster and to protect hair ends and to cut static electricity.

Always looking for inventory from retired dealers.  I keep a want list. Inquire.


#460  FULLER BRUSH SCALP MASSAGE & SHAMPOO BRUSH   sold out - Might get more from a retired dealer -


#508 Fuller Comb Cleaner USA - was $3.49  Found ONE from a retired dealer.   $2. 

#526 Fuller Military Style boar-bristle hairbrush, plastic base.  I bought another dealer's inventory. This was discontinued a decade ago.  ONE available for $17.

MADE IN USA COMBS - NOT from Fuller Brush

Man's pocket comb - Free on request with an order.

I have had many requests for combs that Fuller-Stanley don't make, and have found a USA maker.
MY PRICE: $1. each.

#S450 Nylon 8" Rat Tail Comb, asst colors - ask

#S452 FINE TOOTH BABY COMB, 5.5" with medium fine teeth and very fine teeth on the other side, light blue or pink. I'm told it's good for lice also.

#S441 BRUSH COMB, 8" comb has 3 rows of teeth for combing and styling. Asst colors - ask.

#524 - 1/2-Round Style Lustrebrush - adds soft curls for extra bounce. 8" long.
Durable ivory plastic handle will last for years. 7 rows of natural boar bristles.
Reg $26.99  sold out

See Beechwood descriptions for benefits of boar bristles.
#527 Professional Style Lustrebrush - great for straight, short or fine hair.  8" long.
Durable ivory plastic handle will last for years. 6 rows of boar bristles. 
Reg $26.99         sold out, looking for more.
 These are questions we often get. The nylon bristles are the stiffest. The Boar bristle brushes are stiff enough to make most people happy with their use, but are not quite as stiff as nylon. 
  I am also told by women at the Company that the 1/2-Round style is better for really thick hair because the bristles are spread out more.  


CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Fuller brushes are handcrafted of durable seasoned hardwoods, lasting a lifetime with proper care. When necessary, soak the bristles in a solution of warm water and shampoo. The shampoo will remove the hair oil trapped in the bristles. After washing, set with the bristles pointing down so water will drain away from the holes holding the bristles. Water will ruin the varnish finish over time.  Do NOT soak in water!        

For best prices...
Roland Rhoades to order: 1-
Email: FBDWT@maine.rr.com
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#A4001 Stanley Essentials Ladies Hairbrush.
Stanley's most popular hairbrush, formerly called the Lady Catherine Hairbrush, great for straight, short or fine hair.
You can feel the professional quality of this classic brush, as it nestles comfortably in your hand. 6 rows of Nylon bristles massage scalp gently. White elegant sculptured handle. 8" long.  Reg $18.99   Discontinued
1/24/17 - I am also SOLD OUT now.
#A4004 Stanley Essentials  "Retro Hairbrush"
can count on years of firm, brisk brushing from this professional quality hairbrush. Curved head provides thorough brushing. Great for men or women, if you have a color preference. Firm black nylon bristles set in a durable black plastic handle - 5 rows take up the same space as the 6 rows of the white one, spaced apart more for thicker hair.   8.5" long.      
Reg $24.99  Feb 2017 - Fuller has discontinued and is sold out.
  #A4027 - Stanley Essentials Style Hairbrush
Great for styling. Single strand, twin-level nylon tufts gently glide through hair. Excellent for untangling wet hair or for getting through thick hair. Also a great scalp massager. This was the light pastel green handle and base brush called the Glider, now in a silvery champagne/ pewter color.
Reg $10.99 
Made by Fuller in Kansas.     3/2017 - they have discontinued it again.  
7/21/17 - SOLD OUT
#531 Professional Style - for straight, short or fine hair.
Fuller Brush Clear Acrylic Hairbrushes beautifully designed and practical as well!
6 rows of Specially selected soft nylon bristles set in sturdy, durable, clear acrylic blocks are ideal for styling and daily hair care.  Will not pull or stretch hair. 8" long.  Reg $18.99.  SOLD OUT
#530  1/2-Round Style. Ideal for styling, to add soft curves or to give extra bounce. Good for thicker hair. Both are 8" long.
Fuller Brush Clear Acrylic Hairbrushes ... beautifully designed and practical as well!
7 rows of Specially selected soft nylon bristles set in sturdy, durable, clear acrylic blocks are ideal for styling and daily hair care. Will not pull or stretch hair
.   Reg $18.99
9/5/17 - SOLD OUT


ALSO AVAILABLE from Roland Rhoades:




LOTIONS & STUFF AVAILABLE from Roland Rhoades:


Complete Set of 4 - Reg $270 - Now $69. limit 1

Informational PDF

#A6809 Essentials Rx Gentle Cleansing Gel 4oz reg $48.

#A6810 Essentials Rx Daily Renewal Moisturizer 1oz reg $70.

#A6811 Essentials Rx Eye Therapy .5oz reg $76.

#A6812 Essentials Rx Neck Therapy 1oz reg $76. 

Steve in Ohio says “I sold Dad Fuller's Ultimate Skin Balm to a co-worker 2 weeks ago. He liked it so well, he told other co-workers. They in turn asked me to get them some.  Well...... I sure did. In a 2 week span I collected orders for 74 jars!” He says people are delighted with it and using it for their hands, faces, and for problem dry skin and cracked feet. Pat J also tried this product and says that even though it felt like putting petroleum jelly on at first, it all dried into her skin and is Wonderful. Although we are not allowed to make medical claims, another distributor says it was the only thing he could find to relieve hemorrhoids that actually worked. The label says: Provides "ultimate relief" for dry, cracked, chapped, weather beaten skin! Enhanced with Ginger Root extract known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and Echinacea known for its natural healing properties for burns, wounds, scratches, bites and stings. Use everyday ... even on sensitive skin. Clean light fresh fragrance.   #33 4oz tube. $11.49 
Sold Out
BUT... I Do have ...
2oz Trial Jar  - $2 While they last

ESSENTIAL OILS - Invigorating fragrances infused with essential oils to cultivate the freshest experience while cleaning and moisturizing the skin. In these 3 Essential Oils scents, I have only the Grapefruit, and Sage, Hand Lotions left 16oz reg $11.99. 

#A6805 Essentials Body Lotion   moisturizes the entire body with a rich blend of vitamin A, D & E. This vitamin rich formula will leave a non-greasy, long lasting hydration helping to replenish lost moisture and maintain the skin’s natural oil balance. Infused with green tea and lemongrass extracts. 8 oz.  $9.99

MY Sale Price $5. 

#A6802  Essentials Miracle Moisturizer 2oz.  $18.99
A rare blend of nature's unique gifts to reduce the signs of aging. This essential moisturizing treatment has been created with Vitamin A Palmitate and other natural ingredients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine dry lines. Fragrance Free. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine, dry lines: encourages firmness, elasticity, smoothness.
MY Sale price $9. while they last
Also a 2oz Jar #33691  closeout $4.
limit 2
#A6840 ESSENTIALS HAND MOISTURIZER Moisturizes with a rich blend of softening conditioners, Vitamin E, and Aloe. Smoothes, softens, protects and helps heal rough, chapped hands. Hypoallergenic, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Natural fragrance. 3 oz.  $6.99 
MY Sale Price $3. while they last

#A6807 Stanley Essentials Feet TreatMint Foot Lotion is great for invigorating circulation in tired feet; I’ve sold cases (24) to home health care professionals. 
Feet often feel hot, tired, and achy? A gentle massage with this cooling lotion relieves these discomforts. Enriched with natural collagen and invigorating oils of camphor, menthol, wintergreen and peppermint, this formula provides deep moisturizing therapy that is soothing. 8 fl.oz.  
$8.99       MY Sale Price $7.25  3 left

< Click the thumbnail for a readable description.
The Essentials FOOT BUFFER is an affordable at home solution for an efficient and hygienic pedicure. The Foot Buffer gently smooths and removes rough, dry, and calloused skin safely and effectively. Out performs metal scrapers or pumice stones. Easy grip handle with on/off switch and travel lock. Two detachable callus remover rollers (1 course grain & 1 fine grain). Imported. Includes 2 AA batteries.
#A6565 Essentials Foot Buffer reg $49.99
#A6564 Set of 2 replacement heads reg $19.99
MY CLEARANCE OFFER while my inventory lasts - BOTH for $25.
Students going off to college.
Wedding presents
Mothers & Fathers Day gifts
Birthday presents
Holiday gifts

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