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From my Feb 28, 2008 Discussion Board Announcement:

We in Maine, along with much of the country, have had record snowfalls and cold this winter. Snow is up to and around the windows, our second door is piled 2/3 of the way up with snow, and we and the snowplow have simply run out of room to put the snow. Over 100 inches of snow this year, and northern Maine has nearly 200 inches. Snow and ice have combined to bring many large tree branches down again this year, and our road is just barely one car wide and made of ice, and it will take lots of melting before the road sees bare ground again. Town plows can't get through; they just let a pickup truck plow as best as it can and the cars and snowmobilers pack it down as they slide side to side between the snowbanks. Not much different than a hundred years ago. Warmups to turn snow into ice, and Friday eve will be below zero again. And ice is backing up on the roof starting to leak on my office ceiling. Country living. I love it.

I'm outta here.  You won't be able to reach me most of the next 2 weeks.  I'll be warming up in central Florida and not even thinking about emails or phone calls.
I'm even looking forward to mud season when all this melts and waterlogs the road and driveway turning it to mud before the ground fully thaws to let the water sink in. 
April 7 update: Snow is finally melting, bare ground in the road now and part of our driveway and spots here and there in the yard, but some snowbanks are still 4-5 feet high. 40s and 50s now, 20s and 30s at night.
MAY 2: Ice Out! The last snow pile finally melted.

Early Winter 2008: the snow has dragged the branches down to completely hide our shed that is behind there. Pretty, huh?

March 2008: No place to put the snow and can't wade through the snow enough to rake it off the roof.

March 2008

March 2008 from the back road side of the house.

Ahh....... THIS is also March 2008, in Lakeland FL, a couple days after the above photos. Above is me at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland.

> To the right is me at my parents' house in Lakeland, and showing off my new Homeland Security shirt, Fighting Terrorism since 1492. I wore it on the plane home ready to speak up for freedom if I got any hassles from airport security, but all I got was "nice shirt".  70s and 80s every day have given me the breather and break from winter that I needed.

April 7, 2008: Cleanup always takes a while in the spring with branches like this one which fell from about 80 feet up a pine tree. Glad it didn't hit anything. 

Here is what May 2007 looked like with some of the fallen branches. We had our last big snowstorm mid April that year.