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Here are a few Stanley products. Stanley products are now mostly manufactured by The Fuller Brush Company. Fuller and Stanley products were merged in the summer of 2012, keeping either the Fuller or Stanley version to reduce inventory overhead. Stanley's main addition to Fuller is a very nice line of personal care, perfumes, and cosmetic products. Log in above to see ALL the products and current specials. See my discount shopping website above for more.

Just include these items mixed in with your Fuller Brush mail/telephone/web order.

TESTIMONIALS:     FULSOL & Stanley All-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser                Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

MILDEW STAIN REMOVER CONCENTRATE, 22oz makes 5 - 16oz spray bottles

Stanley's PERFUMED MOTH CRYSTALS, 8.8oz can for $8.19 ten years ago, were discontinued in favor of Fuller's Perfumed Deodorant Moth Blocks. We have three scents, #645 Floral and #647 Clean Cotton scent (I love it).  Use our #465 hang-up case, or if you still have your Stanley can, simply crumble up part of a 12oz $8. block into your 8oz can! My grandmother just uses a block in an old mesh onion bag to deodorize her cellar and attic.

LADY CATHERINE HAIRBRUSH - Stanley's most popular hairbrush - now called Essentials Ladies Hairbrush        click for  HAIRBRUSHES webpage

Fuller & Stanley BROOMS & MOPS

Some products have been renamed, much to everyone's confusion. Here are some of them:

Naturals Lady Catherine Hairbrush is now the Essentials Ladies Hairbrush.
Naturals Commander Hairbrush is now the Mens Retro Hairbrush.
The Lady's Comb is now the Essentials Ladies Comb.
Naturals Glider Hairbrush is now the Essentials Style Hairbrush.
Slim-Line Broom is now the Slender Broom
Aqualaun Concentrate is now Aqua Clean concentrate (Delicate Fabric Wash).
Silent Maid concentrate is now Bowl Refresher concentrate.
Brisa Fabric Softener is now just Fabric Softener concentrate.
2014: Stanley Furniture Cream was brought back.

Most "Naturals" were renamed "Essentials".
Germ-trol is now Germ Clean.
Will-Do Mildew Remover is now simply Mildew Stain Remover concentrate.
Try-It Concentrate is now Multi-Surface Concentrate, and likewise Try-It Foaming Spray.
Orange Miracle Prewash Gel is now Orange Power Gel Prewash.
Big Wheel Cologne is now Chairman 80 Cologne, still 4oz, but in a plain bottle #A3307
Cool-A-Ped is now Essentials Feet TreatMint Foot Lotion  - VERY POPULAR